Happiness is nothing but a state of mind. We all wish to be happy but only a few of us are actually happy. Most of the people around us are sad and complaining about their life. Why is it so?  This is because most people depend on others for their happiness. As a result of which others’ actions can make us sad or happy. Our happiness, as well as our sadness, however, should depend only on our own activities and what we do.

What happens when we are happy?

Being happy is a blessing. You can do your work with a lot more carefulness and efficiency if you are happy. So, we should try to find happiness in everything we do. This will make our lives better. We will be healthy and so we will be able to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Only a few of us know the mystery to being happy and whoever knows it is considered to be blessed. We should find happiness in the little things which are happening around us. Even after observing the environment or after reading a very good book, we can start to feel happy. Happiness need not depend on materials. You can find happiness in your inner self as well.

How to find happiness within our own self?

Many a time, you see that an extremely wealthy person with a good job, a house, and a family is sad while a lonely child sitting on the side of a street with nothing in the world is happy and has a broad smile on his face. This is very important because you should know how to be happy. Happiness can be very expensive and only the ones who can truly value happiness can be considered as lucky.

What are the different ways by which we can stop depending on others for our happiness?

Try to figure out the people or the things on which you are emotionally dependent. This will help you to explore yourself properly and understand your inner wants and desires. Once you get to know about your weaknesses as well as your strengths, you can work on them and improve your mental stability and your ability to be happy. Try to decrease the amount of attachment you have with other people and start depending on your own self.

Find out the things which you do that makes you happy. There are many people around us who find extreme happiness in reading a book on listening to music. If you are a reader, try to read more books. Read a book when you are extremely happy. Also, read a book when you are very sad and depressed. Sometimes, a person can find happiness even by sitting all by himself immersed in his or her own thoughts. Try to indulge yourself in such activities which make you happy from inside.

Learn to take up responsibilities. Being responsible is very important and it is an integral part of being happy. When you are responsible, you learn to take control of a situation and in this way, you get mental satisfaction which can make you happy. Learn to stand up for yourself and for your friends and near and dear ones. Do your work with utmost perfection and give your best in everything.

Try to face your fears instead of escaping from them. Work on your weaknesses and make them your strength. Fear is a major reason for our unhappiness. Most of us have various hidden fears stacked in our mind which are continuously making us unhappy. So, if we can sort those out, then we will be stress-free and happy.

Do not let your work become a threat to your happiness. Learn to love your work and do it with pleasure. If you are not enjoying your work, then you should look for something better to do. Never burden yourself with anything. You are the master of your own self and you are the only one who should have control over your life.

Being with your own self is a very good way to explore yourself and know yourself better. You can work on your likes and dislikes and also ask yourself what you actually want from life. Do not always remain surrounded with friends and families because being with people all the time increases your dependence on them and a time will come when you will always need someone by your side to be happy which is not good.

Learn to speak about your likes and dislikes. If you are being imposed to do something which you do not enjoy doing, then speak for yourself. If you are not comfortable in any way, let it be known to people who can help you get out of the situation.

Set several goals for your life and try to achieve those goals. Make your life important to yourself and spend more time making your own life better. Think about the various ways in which you can improve your potential and how you can achieve success in life. Focus on them and make milestone for yourself. In this way, you will remain busy with yourself and you will have little time in thinking about what others might be thinking about you. This will also give you self-satisfaction which is nothing but a form of happiness. If you are satisfied with yourself then you can consider yourself happy.

What happens when we remain sad?

Being sad for a prolonged amount of time can lead to serious consequences. You may start getting depressed and self-destructive. You may start losing hope and stop believing in yourself. Stress is one of the major reasons that can make us sad and drain out all the happiness from our lives. If we are stressed or anxious at any moment, it starts making us sad and we remain sad throughout the day. Following the above-mentioned ways and adding natural ways like yoga, meditation and CBD oil to your daily lifestyle can help you feel less stressed and more happy in your life. CBD is an amazing and organic remedy to keep your stress levels in check. It can help in calming your down and keeping you happy throughout the day.

Why are most people around us unhappy?

This is because people do not even know what happiness is. They try to look for happiness in things which do not even make them happy. So, we should try to realize the meaning of true happiness. Look at yourself and ask yourself what you want in order to be happy. You will surely be able to help yourself out.


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