Yoga is an extremely healthy form of exercise. It has been practised for ages, and for good reason too. It has been scientifically proven that yoga can impact the lives of people in various ways. It is not just a form of relaxation but also a very good form of exercise. Different yoga exercises are meant for different purposes and if practice regularly, they can improve our health. They also help us to get rid of various mental stresses and maintaining a health lifestyle. We should all indulge ourselves in practising yoga for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. With time, we should increase the duration of practice. We should also encourage others to practice yoga.  It is very easy and can be done at our homes at any time we wish to. You can easily search on the internet for various yoga postures. You can even consult a yoga instructor to help you out. It is always suggested that you practice yoga on a daily basis for best results.

What is yoga?

Yoga is nothing but a form of exercise which can be practised at our own homes. All we have to do is to get into a posture by stretching our arms and legs in various ways. It gives our entire body a proper exercise and also helps with the relaxation of muscles. There are also various kinds of yoga which are meant for various purposes.

At times, you may find it difficult to get into a particular yoga posture. Your body may not permit you to perform all types of yoga. However, this will gradually decrease with practice you will see that you are able to perform new yoga postures as well. Hence, it is recommended that you find some time for yoga every day.

Here are a few of the hundreds of benefits of yoga:

Yoga helps improve your blood circulation

There are many patients who are suffering from various heart and kidney diseases. These diseases mainly occur if there is no proper supply of blood. With regular yoga practice, blood properly circulates in different areas of the body especially in the arms and the limbs.

Increases your body flexibility and makes your muscles strong

If you try to practice yoga on a regular basis, you tend to stretch your arms and legs to a great extent due to which your body flexibility increases. You are able to move about with greater ease and because of this, your muscles also become stronger. Yoga can help in improving your overall health and wellness. Your body built-up becomes strong and there is plenty of oxygen supply to your muscles which makes your muscles strong. In this way, you can get rid of various conditions like joint pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Regulates the secretion of hormones from the adrenal glands of your body

Adrenal glands are a type of endocrine glands which are responsible for the secretion of emergency hormones of our body. Yoga can also regulate the number of hormones these glands secrete. Hormones are secreted in very small quantities yet they are very important for our body. They help to maintain the regular day to day activities of our body. Hence, with regular yoga practice, the hormone level will also be under control and you need not have to suffer any hormonal imbalance.

Yoga can have a great impact on our minds as well

You will feel a lot better after practising yoga for even a few minutes. There are times when you are feeling extremely low or you have been having a bad day. You have no one to talk to or share your thoughts. All you have to do is practice yoga postures for around 10 to 15 minutes. You will get the peace of mind you desire and you will also feel refreshed and happier. You will have more energy to do all your work.

Yoga can help you to concentrate on your work

Children find it especially difficult to focus on one particular thing. As a result, they do not get the desired result. Today, our life has become so busy that we hardly get any time for recreation. Our minds are getting burdened with a lot of pressure which we have to get rid off. During the time you are practising yoga, your mind is focused on a particular thing because yoga is nothing but a form of meditation. This will help you relax and calm your mind and help you overcome all the difficulties and pressure. Soon, with yoga practice, you will be able to find out that you are able to concentrate more on your work and as a result, you will also get better results in your work life.

Lower your blood sugar level as well as your pressure

High blood pressure and high blood sugar levels are common problems which get more common with age. This is a major issue and if not properly treated, it can lead to various serious disorders as well. Most elders take medicines just to get regulate their blood pressure and blood sugar. However, one cannot imagine what great impact a few minutes of yoga can have on your body if you’re practising it daily. You will see that within a very short span of time, your blood sugar level, as well as your pressure level, will come back to normal.

Yoga helps you to have a good night sleep

Most of us find it difficult to get good sleep at night. This mainly happens because we are having a disturbed mind which is burdened with the workload, tension, pressure, and responsibilities. Yoga will give you the much-needed sleep. You can also supplement CBD oil in your yoga practice. CBD oil is a well known and effective remedy in treating a variety of health issues. It will not only boost your yoga practise but will also make you calmer. Your uplifted mood surely will endow you with great mental balance and stability and improve your happiness quotient. Furthermore, CBD turns on your body receptors that resolve body temperature and controls the body mechanism while exercising.

How to find out which yoga is right for you?

There are different books and magazines to help you out. There are many yoga instructors as well who are specially trained for this. You can ask for their advice as well.


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